Bred by The Slums Part 2: The Key To The Streets


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With NIKKI laid up in the hospital fighting for her life, SHEMAR must find a way to navigate the slums of Cloverland, Houston with the streets calling for his death at every turn. Surviving the slums is nothing new to a savage that was bred by them, but will Shemar's well-honed hood instincts be enough to keep him a step ahead of the predators that are gunning for his head? Meanwhile, Shemar refuses to honor the structure that's been set in place.

With only one goal in mind, he has strong-armed his way into the drug game, forcefully making the slums bow down to his murderous reign. Will Shemar's thirst for power place him on a collision course with death, leaving him vulnerable to another man's gun? In spite of the heavy odds against him and the fact that he's being led by his heart instead of his gun, Shemar was BRED BY THE SLUMS, and Hell will freeze over before he folds in the face of enemy attack.