Bred in the Game: Silence and Secrecy


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LIL TONY and KILO are two goons from different hoods with one thing in common-chasing paper. In pursuit of the bag, they are confronted with serious situations that compromise both of their freedom.

The consequences for their violent, street ambitions lands them in the notorious Lewisburg Penitentiary, where waking up each day is more of an uncertainty than not. When Lil Tony and Kilo cross paths in feds, the code of conduct that they live by, as well as the morals and principles they were taught coming up in two different criminal organizations, becomes the source of their unbreakable bond.

Being BRED IN THE GAME, they refuse to deviate from what they stand on. As the two men maneuver through the deception, disloyalty, violence and animosity, they try to stay focused on making it back home.

Will Lil Tony and Kilo make it back to society? Or will the Nation Business that they rep to the fullest be the cause of their ruin?