Bride Of A Hustla Part 3: After The Pain


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Bride of a Hustla 3: After the Pain by Destiny Skai SASHA thinks she has finally found her peace and happiness in the arms of BLUE, who loves her perfectly.

But THE BRIDE OF A HUSTLA is about to find out that her husband QUAMAE won't rest until she's his again.

With a solid plan in place to destroy Sasha's new found happiness, Quamae sets out to recapture his wife's heart, by any means necessary.

Will Sasha betray Blue and go back to the man who hurt her so much? Or will she reject Quamae's attempt to win her back, and force him to show her that he truly meant a certain part of their wedding vows-until death do us apart? Or will Blue's mask finally come off and expose his deceit, leaving poor Sasha only one option AFTER THE PAIN?