Brooklyn Hustlaz: The Takeover


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Brooklyn, New York is where they were born and bred, but AVE, GUNZ and SNYPES are setting out to make anyplace they lay their heads their turf.

This time it's Wilmington, Delaware and the three blood thirsty, money-driven brothers stop at nothing as they implement THE TAKEOVER.

 Soon, profits are flowing like water and the whole city is their playground. On the streets, they are loved by some, hated by many, but respected by all because disrespect is avenged by swift and well calculated murder, Brooklyn style

 But there are some rivals that refuse to fold.

When the beefs turn hot and the prey decides to hunt the hunters, will these BROOKLYN HUSTLAZ be able to outwit their enemies and remain on top or will the drug empire they so masterfully built come crumbling down in one swift burst of deadly bullets?.