Brooklyn On Lock


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Three brothers, MO, TAZ B and T SKI envision having BROOKLYN ON LOCK.

To do so, they must exploit the drug game in a manner no other crew can compete with.

T Ski, a young genius, comes up with a product that has the drug addicts fiending.

When the brothers' pockets swell and their reputations begin to reach hood celebrity status, rival dealers decide it's time to put a swift and deadly end to their ascent.

Meanwhile, issues in the family threaten to knock everyone to their knees.

In the midst of the balling and the turmoil, Mo finds love in BELLA, a beautiful and sexy woman who appears to be just what he needs.

Is BELLA the true answer to Mo's growing dilemmas? Or is she down with the enemy? On the streets of Brooklyn, nothing is ever quite what it seems to be.

And the consequence of misplaced trust can turn deadly in the blink of an eye.

Follow Best Selling Author, Sonovia Alexander, as she indulges your imagination, rattle your emotions and make you fall in love with Brooklyn On Lock.