Bury Me A G Part 4: Certified Gangstas


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TE'QUI is a well-known killer and stickup kid that pumps fear into the hearts of hustlers.

He's cold and calculating-traits that have helped him survive in the trenches.

Despite his hard exterior, his desire for a woman to love and trust run deep, which leads him to KESHA, a beautiful hood chick looking for the right man to cherish and hold her down.

Together they take the jack game by storm, stacking blood money and leaving D-boys outlined in chalk.

But due to an unexpected occurrence Kesha has to put her gun on the shelf, leaving her man to secure the bags alone.

Te'Qui attacks the drug game with an unparalleled vigor and violence that leave his victims shook.

But there's one caper that proves to be too much for him to handle and he's almost killed.

His near death experience makes him re-evaluate his decision to ride solo.

By chance he meets T.J., a trigger happy goon whose just as bout it as he is.


seems to be more loyal than any street nigga that Te'Qui has ever encountered.

But what he doesn't know is there's more to the brazen young thug than meets the eye.