Bury Me A G Part 5: Young OG (The Prequel)


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After losing his job, MELVIN finds himself struggling to make ends meet.

Figuring that he doesn't have any choice but to get it how he lives, he decides to get his the ski mask way.

Melvin's first jack move is successful, but the caper nearly leaves him knocking on death's door.

Realizing that he'll need someone in the streets to watch his back, he finds a crime partner in his fifteen-year-old son, TIAZ, a dangerous young thug who's destined for ghetto stardom.

On their road to riches, the father and son duo stack plenty of money and dead bodies along the way.

But it isn't until they run afoul at CORDELL, a ruthless crack king that they find themselves in grave danger.

Will Melvin and Tiaz escape the wrath of the infamous gangster, or are their days of plotting and scheming finally over?