Bury Me A G (Parts 1, 2, & 3) Book Set


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Part 1

Young, loyal and startling beautiful CHEVY is in search of the fairy tale love that she has always longed for.

After her latest heartbreak, she finds the thug of her dreams in the unlikeliest of places.

TIAZ, a young street veteran, absolutely loves and adores Chevy.

She is the rider that every hood nigga needs on his side on his road to riches.

But Chevy wants him to give up the one thing he refuses to let go of.

Will Tiaz give up the streets or his new boo? Or will his life of crime take him up on his offer of "BURY ME A G" before he can make a decision? 

Part 2

TIAZ and THREAT thought they had planned the perfect caper.

But when the unexpected happens and things go awry, they find themselves the targets of a notorious gangster, one the streets fear like the wrath of God.

In the midst of this deadly chaos, CHEVY uncovers a secret that rocks her world to its core and leaves her devastated.

This revelation strains her and Tiaz' relationship.

Will she come to grips and be able to put it behind her? Or will she wash her hands of him altogether? Meanwhile, BOXY's murder brings forth a set of killers from the Mother Land seeking revenge.

They set foot on American soil in search of their brother's executioner, who is now MARKED FOR DEATH.

With danger lurking in every shadow, TE'QUI and BABY WICKED enjoy the fast money street life brings but they soon discover there are deadly consequences in the game they've chosen to play.

Will they be able to get out unscathed? Or will they meet the fates of others before them whose motto was BURY ME A 'G'.

The answers will leave you breathless.   

Part 3

Outnumbered and outgunned by those who are out to kill him, TIAZ finds an ally in a very unlikely person.

Together, they dare to go up against a gangsta whose power is enough to leave them both dead and leaking blood in the streets.

Will their courage help them prevail? Or will it ultimately lead to their demise? WICKED has his marker called in by a band of Shottas back in prison.

To pay off his debt to them, he must execute a man with due prejudice.

Failure to comply with this demand will put his own head on the gauntlet.

Will Wicked kill in cold blood or will he renege on his blood debt and incur the wrath of the vicious Jamaican gang? Meanwhile, UCHE and UDUKA receive information that sets them on the trail of BOXY'S murderer.

They move to avenge their brother and settle the score.

But what they run into is a killer whose murder game exceeds theirs.

Will the Africans return to Nigeria victorious or will they be CRUCIFIED BY DA STREETS?