Carl Weber Presents: Philly Girl 2


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Philly Girl 2 will have you re-evaluating the bonds of friendship and love.

It will make you think twice about chasing street money, as loyalty is put to the test with drugs, murder, sex, and mayhem in the mix.

This quick thriller will have your jaw dropping. Born and raised in the slums of West Philadelphia, Rita is no stranger to the street life.

In fact, she indulges in the fast life, getting money from selling drugs just as hard as the men she competes with.

It's no surprise that her financial growth brings on the drama of having to protect her money from the many wolves bred in the city of Philly.

But Rita has no idea what she's getting herself into when she falls for a man she met only 24 hours ago. Rita doesn't know the true meaning of loyalty before she meets Dave, a man who, when it comes down to it, would choose loyalty first and make love work second.

That's a decision he will have to make when it turns out the woman he's falling in love with is also the woman he is supposed to kill.