Cartel Killaz: Envy Breeds Savages


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MUDMAN isn't the typical jack boy.

He's a predator of men, with a short fuse and a desire for the finer things in life.

He heads a crew of sadistic, cold hearted savages, that chase bags of money at any and all costs.

Their ultimate goal is to rule the trenches and to make the Bosses in the game bow down at their feet.

Mudman and his squad move with ruthless aggression and extended clips.

The monsters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana refuse to back down without defending their bag with every fully loaded automatic they have at their disposal.

The various cartels link together to show the CARTEL KILLAZ that conquering the game won't be done without serious loss of life

In a battle where only the stronger, more lethal crew survives, who will persevere? When the war closes in, loyalties and true natures are exposed and the weak will perish.

Meanwhile, if money is the root of all evil, women are the true downfall of street kings.

When a beautiful seductress named KEISHA decides she wants Mudman instead of his comrade, a whole other side of treachery threatens to bring down the entire clique.