Cartel Killaz Part 2: Fill Up The Morgue


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PRENTICE seeks to destroy KEISHA in a way that ensures she will never be able to recover. When he does the unthinkable, it launches an all-out war within the CARTEL KILLAZ. Lines are drawn in the sand, and loyalties are shattered.

Friends become deadly rivals, and murderous hunters look to move in to annihilate MUDMAN and his crew of cold blooded savages, once and for all.

Mudman refuses to bow down under any circumstances.

Instead, he seeks sadistic pleasure in the gunplay, as he turns the game upside down, all in the name of betrayal, revenge, and blood money.

Mudman's quest is to be the sole king of the narcotics world, while making examples out of his deadly rivals.

Will he succeed or will he become the one who is made an example of? With a hunger for vast riches and supremacy, Mudman's vows that nothing but death will ever stop him.

And there are those who plan to serve him his death wish.

When the guns finally go silent, which will Mudman be, a living legend or a dead one?