Cartel Killaz Part 3: Get It In Blood


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After MUDMAN locks down Oakland, he plugs in with a deadly cartel boss below the border and flips the game on its heels by forming an independent drug cartel of his own.

MUDMAN and his team have field goals that include becoming unmerciless CARTEL KILLAZ.

Can they prevail with PRENTICE and his Baton Rouge head hunters seeking to destroy Mudman and KEISHA for their past betrayals? The heat from the enemy's retaliation is so relentless and volatile, Mudman must find a way to clap back and stack his paper so he can become the true boss of the drug trade.

But Prentice vows to destroy Mudman in the most heinous of fashions, or die trying.

When money, power and street cred is on the line, betrayals and murder are imminent.

Only the strong will survive in this brilliantly comprised bloody onslaught of egos, maniacal narcissism and heart pounding exploits.