Cellmates Pals...Punks...and Double-Bunks


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Joe Sullivan has spent nearly fifty years behind high walls and gun towers....Given what he has known, felt, and embraced, it is a miracle that he has been able to tell his wife of over 35 years his stories with minute detail, the comings and goings of the many men with whom he has shared time, lived with, all of this, and more. Sowing his past with precision, Gail Sullivan has written each story and will provide readers with portraits of people whose names are familiar, Son of Sam, John Gotti, and several others. In this remarkable work, each person becomes more than a name; instead, the reader begins to understand their struggles in much the way one would expect were such men their neighbors, living next door, and as the name of this work implies, Cellmates: Pals, Punks and Double Bunks.

For those who wonder about the reality of high walls and gun towers, this is an astonishing read.

Providing the reader with the very soul of criminology, it is a valuable contribution, and highly recommended for those wishing to understand the sad universe of correctional facilities.