Honor Amongst Thieves II: Center of Gravity


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Kay-Kay has always had one objective: optimal profit. Now that he has earned unmatched respect in the drug game, Brooklyn s Godfather has every head in the hood paying their dues. His muscle, a hotheaded homie named Knee, ensures that Kay s street cred and bank continue to grow. But cash doesn't come without a price and it can t buy everything. When Kay s older brother JB gets home fresh off a bid and chooses a path opposite the hustle, turmoil unfolds that brings Kay s battles right to his doorstep.
With that turmoil comes Peaches, a heavy hitter from New Jersey who clawed her way to the top. She is finally the general of her own army of dedicated soldiers, and is monopolizing a supply of product to a thirsty clientele. Unlike most of Kay s adversaries, Peaches isn't out to dethrone him. Her issue with Kay is much more personal.
Despite power plays, product droughts and turf wars, the game seems to remain the same. That is...until a string of murders changes it drastically. And none of the usual suspects have a clue who the new player is.