Certified Thrilla


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His name is Nut and he was crazy enough to take both God and Lucifer to war if the price was right.

Yellow tape, white chalk and body bags meant only one thing to Lester "Nut" Jones.....Bands. Money. Stacks. Paper. Payday.

On the streets of Indianapolis, drugs, gangs, Hitters and crooked police reigned. Lester "Nut" Jones was neither of those. He was what you would call a "Certified Thrilla". He applied pressure wherever there was "money on somebody's head". When Nut came to collect, he left bodies as his receipts. 

Certified Thrilla is the story of an innocent child who became a savage in order to survive. Lester "Nut" Jones lived a life filled with false love, hate, betrayal, envy, yellow tape, white chalk, and body bags attached to cold cases. After his mother murdered his father and committed suicide, Nut had to man-up and sacrifice his life to protect his sister. Everything was peaches-n-cream until Nut was faced with his biggest challenge which left him craving murder.