Chained To The Streets: A Souljah’s Story


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DESMOND is a trained killer with a lovable side to him that defies his merciless, gangsta heart.

He's trying to walk the straight and narrow path but a tragic event strikes his family and he's forced to get on that street sh*t.

When a beast is re-awakened, will the thirst to kill ever get quenched? LUCKY, who is Desmond's older brother, is two days away from being released from a 14-year prison bid when he learns of the cruel tragedy that has struck his family.

The reformed criminal has plans to live a righteous life, but the need for revenge might drive him back to his old, cold-blooded ways. The brothers are forced into the streets, warring with old friends that become new enemies.

Wanting to protect Lucky from going back to prison, Desmond makes a deal with the Devil.

When the requirements of the deal call for him to do something too unsavory for him to digest, Desmond must decide if he will commit the ultimate sacrifice.

Will a man's principles keep him CHAINED TO THE STREETS? Or will he break free from those confines by way of the gun?