Chained To The Streets Part 2: Cold-Hearted


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When DESMOND refuses to give up QUAYSHA, he is forced to kill in order to keep her, and he doesn't hesitate to do so.

Claiming self-defense, he hopes to avoid prison.

Will he turn rat to avoid losing his freedom? Or will he remain CHAINED TO THE STREETS by keeping it gangsta in the face of dire consequences? Meanwhile, POLO strikes again, forcing LUCKY to gather up some shooters and come gunning for his head.

The back and forth warring leads to many tragedies and the deaths get out of control.

At wits end and wanting to keep his family safe, Lucky joins forces with a powerful crime boss who promises to eliminate his problem.

Will this turn out to be a deal with the devil? As Lucky navigates through muddy waters, his brother DESMOND is trapped in the unforgiving jaws of justice with only one way out, and the decision he makes can turn brothers into bitter enemies.