Chi-Raq Gangstas: Bloody Ransoms


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In Chicago, Illinois, a city infamously dubbed Chi-Raq, the gang leaders and gangstas rule the streets with deadly force.

But when BOSS, ANIMAL, and MALIK team up to terrorize the G's, things go from bad to worse. Boss and his crew target the city's most dangerous kingpins and gang leaders through intimidation, kidnapping, extortion and vicious murder.

It's pay up or get poured out on the ground.

Will true gangstas allow this brazen crew to strong arm them? Or will these violent men meet gunfire with gunfire? Once the bloodbath becomes intense, the Chicago PD gets involved.

And when one of its own gets murder, all hell breaks out.

Who is the real CHI-RAQ GANGSTAS when lawlessness takes over the land?