Chi-Raq Gangstas Part 2: The Double Cross


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BOSS is trying to take over the city's drug trade with the help of his plug, KING MIKE.

Boss soon realizes that the drug game is harder than the stickup game when he starts beefing with other drug dealers and the heat turns up. Robberies of Boss' drug spots are followed by attempts on his life, as enemies are out to take his crown.

But the pain Boss feels becomes intensified when he discovers who is behind the assassination attempts.

When he discovers who's behind the mayhem, the double-cross will hurt the worst. Meanwhile, ANIMAL discovers the truth about CHOLE.

Will it affect the way he feels or could she be useful in his future plans? After so much double-crossing and killing in the streets, who can trust who? Will anyone make it out of the game whole? Or will these Chi-RAQ GANGSTAS all go down in infamy?