Chi-Raq Gangstas Part 3: Haitian Ties


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BOSS and LIL BD are in Haiti putting their differences aside to find their mother, JONELLE, who was kidnapped by a powerful Cartel Family.

After they meet FRANCISQUE and LUC of the Haitian Mafia, Boss and Lil BD's lives will change forever. When the brothers find their connection to the Haitian Mafia long-guarded secrets, they will be exposed and many lives will be lost. Meanwhile, ANIMAL and CHLOE are causing mayhem, trying to take out any potential opponents to their drug operation.

But their enemies may be too powerful and too plentiful for them to extinguish.

When CHI'RAQ GANGSTAS bring their murderous mantras to Miami, the city will turn into a battleground overnight. For decades, The Santos and Peru Family ran most of Miami, but with the return of the Haitian Mafia, the power structure is being rocked to its very core.

With money, prestige, deadly allegiances and old vendettas tossed into the mix of nefarious affairs, no one can be trusted and everyone's life hangs on a limb.