Childhood Sweethearts Part 2


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Hustler duo China and Smooth have been inseparable since they were kids.

The hood-smart childhood sweethearts would later go on to become hood-rich and grow into one of the most powerful tandems on the streets.

A definite force to be reckoned with, it was only a matter of time before the pair who came into their own almost effortlessly would draw the ire and attention of some of the underworlds most dangerous power-players.

Which is when China caught a case.

Now she's locked up, sentenced to 3 years behind bars.

Smooth uses this opportunity to reclaim his throne on the streets.

Hoping to give his true love something to come back to.

But in the back of his mind she's all he can think about...

and that just might be the opening his enemies need to put him down once, and for all.