Childhood Sweethearts Part 3


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While his lover and partner in crime China sits behind bars, Street hustler Smooth is doing his best to keep a grip on their criminal empire.

Pushing three times as much product and doing twice as many jobs in hopes of maintaining something for his woman to come back to.

But the appearance of a mysterious beauty, throws a sudden wrinkle into his design.

Smooth's occasional vulnerability to her charms begin to pose an existential threat not just to he and China's long-standing relationship.

But also to his stranglehold on long-owned turf.

As Smooth loses more and more focus on business, the streets erupt in all out warfare.


China's release rapidly approaches, leaving Smooth with much to sort out.

If he doesn't do some prompt 'tidying up' enemies both new and old could come gunning for her the moment her feet hit the pavement.

With Smooth himself being next on their list.


this was all a part of 'someones' plan all along?