Childhood Sweethearts (Parts 1, 2 & 3) Book Set


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Book 1

They came up together... but can they "Come Up" together? Smooth and China are a "power couple." An urban Gothic modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

They know the ins and outs of the streets.

But Smooth also knows its consequences.

Which is why he wants to get "out" of the life just as quickly as he first entered it.

The money? It's always an intricate part of any exit plan.

The problem? His childhood sweetheart China.

She loves "the life" the wealth, and street cred it has brought her.

Perhaps she has a little hidden passion for the action too.

But at the end of the day China is a "paper chaser. "Their romantic and business dynamic however has never been more tested until now.

The life and its stresses, but most of all...

its trappings have caused a fracture in their once impenetrable relationship.

Smooth wants her by his side when he gets out for good, but China's addicted to the money.

It affects her better judgment.

Er go she wants their transition out of "hustling" to be a slow one...

if at all.

As the pair begin to rise through the ranks...

enemies, cops, and rivals become a much larger problem.

In addition to one-time friends becoming foes.

Together they're unstoppable.

But money is the root of ALL evil and make no mistake these two love money.

The question is...

do they love each other more?

Book 2

Hustler duo China and Smooth have been inseparable since they were kids.

The hood-smart childhood sweethearts would later go on to become hood-rich and grow into one of the most powerful tandems on the streets.

A definite force to be reckoned with, it was only a matter of time before the pair who came into their own almost effortlessly would draw the ire and attention of some of the underworlds most dangerous power-players.

Which is when China caught a case.

Now she's locked up, sentenced to 3 years behind bars.

Smooth uses this opportunity to reclaim his throne on the streets.

Hoping to give his true love something to come back to.

But in the back of his mind she's all he can think about...

and that just might be the opening his enemies need to put him down once, and for all.

Book 3

While his lover and partner in crime China sits behind bars.

Street hustler Smooth is doing his best to keep a grip on their criminal empire.

Pushing three times as much product and doing twice as many jobs.

In hopes of maintaining something for his woman to come back to.

But the appearance of a mysterious beauty, throws a sudden wrinkle into his design.

Smooth's occasional vulnerability to her charms begin to pose an existential threat not just to he and China's long-standing relationship.

But also to his stranglehold on long-owned turf.

As Smooth loses more and more focus on business, the streets erupt in all out warfare.


China's release rapidly approaches, leaving Smooth with much to sort out.

If he doesn't do some prompt 'tidying up' enemies both new and old could come gunning for her the moment her feet hit the pavement.

With Smooth himself being next on their list.


this was all a part of 'someones' plan all along?