City of Kingz (Parts 1 & 2) Book Set


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Book 1: In the heart of Sacramento, California, young, ambitious JABARI SALTERS runs the streets with the mindset of being the biggest boss the city has ever produced.

In addition to having a keen strategy, Jabari has a loyal team of hustlers and killas at his disposal.

Together, they aim to control the CITY OF KINGZ. Jabari isn't out to prey on the hood.

His criminal sights are set on something much higher, and he will stop at nothing to pull it off.

When blood spills and murder rates rise, not every friend's loyalty will be authentic.

Even the woman who has Jabari's heart might become his downfall. Will the young mastermind prove that his mental acumen is far too advance to suffer a routine demise? Or will he become just another name on a tombstone? Book 2: The death of the loveable, hood legend, KEYNO, has crushed the hearts of many in the ghettos of Sacramento, California.

The team he built is on a mission to carry on Keyno's vision by making Sac-Town the City of Kingz.

JABARI has taken control of the crew, and money has warped the minds of a few disloyal snakes who slither inside of the garden. After MONSTER suffers a catastrophic setback, he will stand in the path of Keyno's ambitions, causing a level a strife that threatens to explode at any moment.

Meanwhile, the Italian Don, FRANKIE STALLONE, is out for deadly vengeance.

Will his brand of murder overtake the hood? Or has Frankie underestimated the vicious killers he's up against? As the stakes get higher, the police are placing the pieces of the puzzle together.

Will these sophisticated and dangerous men escape the long arms of the law? Or will their savagery lead to a tumultuous downfall?