Coke Kings Part 3: Rotten and Rich


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After the secret comes out about KAMMRON and YASMINE, BONKERS vows to get to the bottom of the betrayal.

There are two sides to every story, and then there's the truth.

Ultimately, who will Bonkers believe? What fate awaits the one who is deemed a liar? Before answers to his questions can come into fruition, the COKE KINGS find themselves under heavy attack, with seemingly no way out. The struggle for the throne of New York City's drug empire intensifies when one of the Kings goes down, and blood thirsty savages from Yonkers place their sights on Harlem, and look to enact a hostile takeover. But the Coke Kings refuse to roll over, or even share a piece of the pie.

They vow to clap back with everything they have in order to stand firm, and alone, on top of the game.

Meanwhile, there's a vicious war being waged amongst themselves.

Will Harlem's most established, flamboyant and richest crew fall to their enemies or to their own self destruction? Or might they somehow escape a downfall and live to leave the game on their own terms?