Coke Kings Part 5: Hard To Kill


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On a murderous mission to dominate the dope game with extreme caution and intelligence, KAMMRON goes at the remaining kingpins of New York with no regard or mercy, leaving behind piles of gun shells and littered bodies all over the Big Apple.

With millions of dollars in dirty money on the line and the crown at his finger tips, the street veteran promises to stop at nothing until he stands alone at the top of the throne.

But the deadly, cold-hearted oppositions of the Coke Kings vow to never rest until Kammron and his money hungry crew of Harlem savages are crushed.

When a bloody war ensues, friends becomes mortal enemies, and the snakes slither around with venomous intentions.

Will Kammron be able to withstand the barrage of bullets coming at him from both friend and foe? Will he emerge victorious? Or will the drill artist finally be put to rest after leaving behind a sea of destruction and chaos?