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The Oxford Color Dictionary & Thesaurus, 3e is a convenient, compact, and portable reference book designed to aid students with their studies and help everyday users solve common language problems and puzzles, wherever they are.
Providing a complete dictionary and thesaurus in one volume, it is an especially user-friendly resource, with a
colorful design and a smart new layout that makes it simple to find the word you need. This handy reference contains more than 40,000 words, phrases, and definitions, and more than 65,000 synonyms. The new edition features a brand new layout, with the headwords, phrases, and key synonyms all in a bright, lively color, and the thesaurus entry for each word sitting directly alongside the dictionary entry, so that you do not have to hunt up-and-down the page to find the word you are looking for. In addition, when words have more than one meaning, the first "core synonym" in a group will be highlighted in color, to indicate the general meaning of the words in the group.
This edition also contains a 30-page center section on "Effective English" which covers the basics of writing English and how to get the best out of your thesaurus. Here readers will find guidance on collective nouns and verb tenses, when to use parenthesis and when to use square brackets, how and when to use a dash, and how prefixes and suffixes help to form words (the discussion includes a chart of more than forty of the most commonly used prefixes and suffixes).