Concrete Jungle


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In the underlying trenches of the Nation's Capital, where dreams turn into nightmares and the souls of the young and voiceless are claimed by the glimmering lures of the street, harbor five childhood friends, who are inadvertently thrown into hell's crackling fire due to an unforeseen incident that spirals out of control and land them in the middle of a blood seeking war with an older prolific figure of the drug game.

Meet young Scrap, who's burgeoning love interest could very well be the determining factor that ends the grueling feud between two rivals and possibly creates a conflict-of-interest between him and his long time comrades and the father-like figure that he looks upon for guidance.

Meanwhile, you have Maurice, an older big wig, who's business dealings is met with a shocking twist, secretly orchestrated by an audacious old foe from his past, which tip the scale of respect and ignites brutal responses and reactions.

During such time an unsuspected bond is forged that could very well shake up the city and turn the tables for the worst.

Big Lyn, a strategic, Washingtonian businessman and original gangster, climb the ladder of success under turbulent conditions by being cunning and calculating, but when his plans of luring a potential partner and client, with whom he has a strained relationship, to a lucrative deal worth millions didn't fall through, a different approach was taken that proved to be more detrimental than beneficial, causing a series of catastrophic events to take place that challenges the loyalties of friends and enemies alike.

This jaw-dropping, twist-driven, fast-paced, dramatic crime novel connects with the readers of its genre and will have your eyes glued to the pages as trust, betrayal, loyalty, lust, love and lies conflict and embellish the methodical plot.