Concrete Killa: Hell in a Cell


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When GIANNI KINGSLEY is sentenced to a long prison term at a penitentiary known as "Bloody Beto", he learns that life on the inside is about much more than serving time.

Drugs, money, and violence is as prevalent as it was in the streets.

And status is as sought after as parole. Gianni is on his way to establishing his gangsta inside this human cesspool when he comes across a sexy female officer who catches his eye and then his heart.

Will their budding secret affair cause Gianni more trouble than it's worth? Or will this jaw-dropping C.O.

turn out to be his ride or die? As the months go by, not only will Gianni's predicament put him in peril, he will be tested by murderers and haters who plan to send him home in a box.

But a true G never folds.

Will Gianni wilt under the pressure? Or will he stare death in the face and earn the respected title of a CONCRETE KILLA?