Concrete Killa Part 2: Regretful Revenge


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Miraculously, GIANNI survives the attack on his life.

But who is behind the bloody assault? This question bothers him as he plots revenge on an unknown enemy.

With so many people that might want him dead, where does Gianni start to flush out the guilty culprit? Though the enemy hides in the shadows, waiting patiently for another opportunity to kill him, Gianni isn't afraid to do what he has to do.

Blood will get spilled until the enemy shows his face, then there will be a showdown. In the midst of a life and death battle, Gianni must still outsmart the Beto Unit's top cop, who is watching the CONCRETE KILLA's every move.

Will Gianni be able to outwit the system again and again as he seeks revenge? Or will his next move be the misstep that cost him his life?