Confessions of a Gangsta Part 2: Yellow Tape And White Chalk


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When TAZ gets linked up with the leader of the Mexican Cartel, he and his crew are primed to take over the city. No other drug clique can compete with their product, prices or murder game. Money is about to rain down on them in a torrent. But the game is never as easy or as flawless as it seems.

Wisely, Taz takes a backseat and allows his ride or die homegirl, KIKI's parents, to take the reigns. Will things cool off in the violent world of drug dealing and crime? Or will the violence escalate?

When a past incident resurfaces, exposing secrets that were supposed to be buried, Taz must turn his back on the people he loves or pick his gun up and hold court in the streets. No matter his choice, there's going to be a trail of yellow tape, white chalk and black dresses, as the CONFESSIONS OF A GANGSTA turn unspeakably violent.