Confessions of a Gangsta Part 3: Loyalty Over Royalty


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After brutally murdering her own father, BELLA teams up with KIKI in an alignment of OTF and the Mexican Cartel.

The two queenpins go on a bloody, well-calculated quest to take over the underworld.

When the girl's orchestrated moves come to light, VINNIE TWO-TIMES will respond in a way that starts an all-out war.Meanwhile, the FBI has taken notice of what's going on in the streets.

Will Bella and Kiki be brought down by their lofty, nefarious ambitions? Or will they continue to escape the long arms of the law?Along the way, Bella makes a discovery that will rock her to the core.

Her counterpart, Kiki, attempts to strengthen any loose links in their chain by assembling a new team of paper chasers and killers that are second to none.

But a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link.

In CONFESSIONS OF A GANGSTA 3 the ladies' luck might finally run out.