Confessions of a Gangsta: Respect My Get Down


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Fresh home from a prison bid for robbery and murder, TAZ is striving to walk the right path, but the crimes he committed in the past aren't forgotten by some.

When vengeance comes right to his front door, Taz is forced to get beastly or die like a lame.

For a certified gangsta, like himself, the choice is a foregone conclusion. After letting his tool talk, another situation arises and Taz has the opportunity to link up with a powerful crime syndicate.

His ride or die homegirl, KIKI, and his most trusted comrades TK, PJ and REGGIE are eager to put in work and get their paper right.

But, will the pursuit of ill-gained riches put them all on a direct course to hell? When the money, the women, and the hood fame turns into more than Taz expected, and the consequences of living by street rules begin to close in on him, will the CONFESSIONS OF A GANGSTA cement his legend? Or will those confessions bring down everyone around him?