Confessions of a Jackboy: Black Mask, Blue Steel & Duct Tape


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FACE, his twin brother, TRIP, and MURPH are living ordinary lives, but the allure of the streets is too enticing to ignore.

Jumping headfirst into the game, the trio of hustlers are on the come-up until they get robbed for everything they've amassed. Face convinces Trip and Murph that the three of them should switch sides and become the predators instead of the prey.

Soon, the dopeboys turn into a vicious clique of ski-masked jackboys who feast on the city's upper echelon of drug dealers. After adopting the motto of Jack or Die, the trio is forced into an agreement that propels them to the top of the food chain.

Sins from their past come back to haunt them in the worst way, and they quickly find out that in the streets there are no rules and seemingly no boundaries.

Will the young Jackers be able to survive the treacherous and savage ways of a stickup kid's lifestyle? Or will they die jacking, leaving behind legacies that will forever be CONFESSIONS OF A JACKBOY?