Confessions of a Jackboy Part 2: Jack or Die


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Fresh out of jail, FACE, with the help of his loyal partner, MURPH, go on a bloodthirsty hunt to avenge the murder of CYNTHIA and her unborn child.

With the always dangerous RUDE BOY, the target of their vengeance, Face and his man can't afford a misstep.

Meanwhile, Face is trying to organize all of the major robbery crews into one clique called Jackboy Mafia.

But can true killers trust other killers whose murder games are just as ruthless as theirs? Can greed be set aside in the pursuit of monopolizing the ski mask hustle? With vultures lurking around every corner, and some disguised as allies, Face and Murph might reap what they've sown.

When they strive to legitimize themselves, will their past transgressions be forgiven by men who know no forgiveness? When a man lives by the gun, he is expected to die by the same.

Can Face and Murph change their fates? Or will the predators become prey?