Cooking in The Big House: Inmate Cuisine


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Cooking in the The Big House is an interesting look at how inmates in the California prison system prepare meals (with none of today's modern appliances) in their cells with the use of innovative and creative ways of preparing those meals with a minimum of kitchen tools. The inmate either has support from family and friends or they get their "Hustle" on. This means that they will do many things to get money to buy their cooking supplies and other items. This "hustle" can include: selling their art work, such as drawings and tattooing. There are other forms of hustle and the reader can use their imagination, after all these are incarcerated felons. This recipe book is a culmination of recipes handed down over generations. With modern packaging, like vacuum sealing, inmates are able to keep food until ready to prepare. These men are extremely creative and it shows in the way they prepare their meals. I hope that the reader finds Cooking in The Big House as interesting as it was for me writing it.