Corrupted By A Gangsta Part 2: Love, Guns And Roses


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ZURI finds herself enraptured by the rugged, hardcore ways of proverbial bad boy BRICK, and their hot, explicit sex only adds to his appeal.

Despite Brick's dangerous lifestyle, Zuri loves him with all of her heart.

But there's something very troubling that she doesn't know about her new love.

If Brick's secret ever comes out, it will forever change the dynamics between them.

Mourning the loss of her beloved brother and forced to face a troubled past, Zuri is determined to rebound and build a family life with Brick.

In order to do that, she must sever ties with the one person she has loved, unconditionally, her entire life.

But what will happen when that person refuses to let her break away? Once CORRUPTED BY A GANGSTA, it's hard for a good girl gone bad to return to her unsullied roots, especially when she's being pulled in two different directions.

The battle over Zuri will include LOVE, GUNS AND ROSES, and perhaps a casket or two.