Corrupted By A Gangsta Part 3: Diamonds And Glocks


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When truths are revealed, there will be an engagement and a funeral.

Who will walk down the aisle? Who will get carried in a casket? ZURI has finally escaped the death grip of her abusive father, DAMAN.

Now she's ready to start a new life with her man.

Things are finally going her way until she receives a visit from an unexpected person that will change her life forever.

In that moment she realizes it's time to bury the good girl and allow her inner gangster to surface, if she wants to survive.

And like hell, she does

Her one and only mission is to make sure she protects her unborn child from the man who swore he loved her more than anything in the world.

Even if it means catching a body or two. After being CORRUPTED BY A GANGSTA, there is no turning back and anybody can get it, male or female.

Love isn't a fairy tale, it's a battle.

But this time they messed with the wrong chick

Empowered with Diamonds and Glocks, will Zuri come out on top? Or is her downfall lurking in the shadows?