Corrupted By A Gangsta Part 4: Down Azz Chick


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ZURI was CORRUPTED BY A GANGSTA and taught to be a true boss in a skirt.

Using guile and heartless maneuvers, she deftly eliminated her foes with no regret.

But things must change now that BRICK has won her heart completely and wants her to settle into the proverbial wife's role.

The more Zuri tries to leave her ugly past in the rearview, the more it resurfaces.

Will her relationship be able to withstand these daunting surprises? Or will they eat away at the love and trust that's been cemented with her and Brick? In the midst of dealing with Zuri's secrets, Brick's deep, dark past rears its ugly head and shakes the earth.

Will Brick survive the war he started? Or has he done so much wrong that there's no way out and it's time to pay the piper? Will Zuri flake during Brick's weakest moment or will she remain his down azz chick?