Crime of Passion Part 2: Death Is Inevitable


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MAH'LANI has had her share of bad relationships.

Some ended in heartbreak while others were full of infidelity and lies.

Then, along comes DOMINIC, a tall, muscular-built, caramel God, who seems to fulfill all of her wants and desires.

But, as the saying goes: everything that glitters isn't gold. When Mr. Perfect turns into the opposite of who he first seemed to be, will Mah'lani have enough sense to walk away before bad turns to worse? Or will she fool herself into believing things will get better if she stays? Things become even more complicated after Mah'lani's dad, MALCOLM, comes home from prison and wants back in her life.

Will Malcolm and Dominic butt heads over what's best for Mah'lani? Is her love stronger for her man than it is for her father?