Crime of Passion: When Love Begins To Hurt, Run


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After witnessing her father beat and degrade her mother, over and over again, until he finally did the unforgivable, QUINN promised herself she would never give an abusive man a single moment of her time. In fact, love wasn't even on her mind, as she and her bestie, ERICA, tried to enjoy life and lean on each other when times got hard.

Quinn soon discovers that she doesn't have to be looking for love for it to find her, and when it does, life becomes a whirlwind of passionate love-making and fun.

JASON is everything Quinn dreamed of, but thought she might not ever deserve.

He's irresistibly fine, successful and loving.

But, is it all just an act to disguise a dark, sinister side of him that even more monstrous than her father? Once the mask comes off and Jason unveils his true self, will Quinn do what her mother didn't? Or will she meet that same tragic fate? Who will be the survivor of a heart-wrenching CRIME OF PASSION?