Crossroads (Part 3 of the Choices Series)


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Skyy takes readers on another wild ride with former college friends Denise, Lena, and Cooley. These women still have th heart and the drama, but now they're all grown up. 

Denise, the sexy star basketball player, has recovered from the injuries she suffered during the incident with crazy stalker girl Rhonda.

She is off to New York to follow her basketball dreams, with her true love Lena not far behind, only to hit a bump in the road.

Lena is off to New York to get hers.

You have to admire that in a woman-maybe.

Life with a female basketball star can bring its own set of complications, especially if you haven't been able to make up your mind.

Cooley is finally far away from Memphis and all its heartache.

There is nothing to remind her of her past-except for the huge scar across her face.

Have all of her past transgressions finally robbed her of her swagger? Can she handle the women, or even the job for that matter, without being the Cooley we all once knew and loved? Denise, Lena, and Cooley have come to the Crossroads.

Where will they lead?