Cutthroat Mafia Part 1: Money By The Bundles


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MACHO JAMES heads a crew of angry, cold blooded savages that are hell-bent on crushing kingpins and other dopeboys in order to establish themselves at the top of the drug game in B-More.

As the crew rises in the hierarchy of a vicious and unscrupulous underworld of killers, Macho gets caught up in the glitz and glamour of the profession.

When the money and the irresistible women become an addiction, Macho's loyalty to his fam is tested.

At the height of his power, Macho James shares control of the city with PRESTON, his Day One comrade.

Together, they conquer all competition.

Until Macho James violates their pact by falling for Preston's sister, LASHAWN, who was supposed to have been off limits.

Will this forbidden love lead to deathly consequences? Meanwhile, Preston has bedded a woman who is connected to a mortal enemy.

Will the entire CUTTHROAT MAFIA get dismantled by the lustful desires of the two men that are the shot callers of the crew? Will Macho James and Preston turn against each other when the pressure mounts? Or will killers remain killers, and partners remain tight, in the face of the most serious threat they've ever faced?