Cutthroat Mafia Part 2: The Power of Greed


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After MACHO betrays PRESTON in the most unforgivable fashion, will he find a way to reconcile their differences before the Cutthroat Mafia becomes divided and the infamous crew go to war with each other? Meanwhile, KAYLEY plugs Preston into another facet of the game that promises to catapult him to the top.

MACHO refuses to be left behind.

He goes into hustling overdrive to cement his legendary status.

After dark, earth shattering secrets are exposed and forbidden lines are crossed, things began to spiral out of control, and the many enemies of the crew move in for the kill.

Will Macho and Preston be able to get their people in order and get back to the flashy, extravagant lifestyles that true bosses are used to living? Or will they be crushed by the countless vultures that are plotting their demise?