Zane Presents: Dare to Be Tempted


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After reading her journal of erotic fantasies, a husband gives his loving wife the ultimate gift—a forty-eight-hour pass to fulfill the desire of her choosing.

Aleesa Davis is happily married and deeply in love with her husband, a Special Forces officer serving in Afghanistan. But when Wade returns home from the war, he is psychologically injured, impotent, and struggling with the idea that he can’t satisfy the woman he loves. Aleesa still loves her husband, but she’s struggling with the loss of their once-great sex life.

While Wade was at war, Aleesa kept a journal of her secret fantasies, all featuring her husband, that she planned to give him as a gift when he returned. But since his return, their sex life has been nonexistent and Aleesa puts the journal away, hoping their marriage will go back to normal at some point.

When Aleesa heads off on a spa weekend, Wade finds the hidden diary and spends two days reading it, lost in his wife’s fantasies. His emotions run the gamut from hurt and anger to gratitude and love. To show her his love, Wade decides to give Aleesa the ultimate gift: a weekend pass for her forty-fifth birthday. She has forty-eight hours to fulfill any sexual fantasy of her choosing, outside of their marriage, no questions asked. Will Aleesa accept the gift? What would a weekend pass do to their troubled marriage?

Featuring stories for the grown and sexy, the Eden Davis series novels feature dynamic women in their forties and fifties, each dealing with life, love, and sex, working to become the confident, empowered women they were born to be.