Deceived Part 3


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Rahsaan Jr. aka, Rah-Rah, is sent to Virginia to get acquainted with his family after he was raised by Stink and Bonnie, most of his life, in the Dominican Republic. However, just like his father, Rah-Rah can't escape the lure of the street. Confident that he can take over the streets of Newport News, VA, Rah Rah kills the toughest adversary to his gang in order to prove to his new Blood family, one of the most notorious gang in Virginia, that he has what it takes to become a member . The killing comes with great consequences and now Rah-Rah may have bitten more than he can chew. Stink and Cross are forced to come to the rescue of young Rah Rah before he's devoured by an opponent so fierce, that even his father and uncle had to second guess their winning strategy against this man and crew. Will Stink, Cross and Rah Rah live to talk about it?