Don't Fu*k With My Heart


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When it comes to love Krissett Baptiste has given her heart to the wrong men over and over again only to have it crushed, repeatedly.

Reeling from her latest devastating heartbreak, Krissett sinks into a deep depression that threatens to rip apart her tortured soul.

However, in her darkest hour appears her brightest hope.

Stone enters Krissett's fragile world displaying the patience and compassion to love her like she had always desired.

Overwhelmed by the need to finally have real love, yet terrified to let it in, Krissett reluctantly lets down her guard.

But, with a colorful past of his own, will Stone, a reformed bad boy, remain the good guy he claims to be or will he too break Krissett's heart and unleash her repressed rage? Don't Fuck With My Heart was the warning he'd been issued beforehand because hell hath no fury like a scorned Krissett.