Dope Boy Magic Part 3: American Gangster


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The love for the drug game has risen, along with the body count, as TIPTON fights harder and harder to maintain his position.

REX, Tipton's sandbox ni**a, is turning out to be a true monster of deceit, and Tipton's most fierce enemy.

Will their imminent clash destroy everything and everyone in their circles? Meanwhile, when the police swarm down on the boss, JANITA must stand firm against betrayal, and keep their love divine.

Will Tipton be able to bounce away from the grimey hate and blood thirst of his enemies? Or will the undercover opponents disintegrate him, and end everything he worked so hard to build? In the streets, money and envy is the root of all evil.

With bullets flying at him literally and figuratively, Tipton must elevate his mind and continue to execute his uncanny DOPE BOY MAGIC or he will be eaten alive by the many snakes that are attacking his den.