Dope Boy Magic: The Plug’s Son


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In the tumultuous streets of Atlanta, Georgia, the epicenter of The Dirty South, QUEEN MARY is the ultimate plug.

Her whip game is just as phenomenal as her hustle, which brings her money, notoriety and deadly trouble, far more than anything she is prepared to face.

Will the Queen of ATL be able to hold her crown? Or will she get her head knocked off by envious men who want to squash her? If Queen Mary falls, standing in line to carry on what she began is a son who has his mother's ambition along with a beastly heart.

When a murderous soul, savvy and unmitigated gall flows through one man's veins, the result is DOPE BOY MAGIC unlike anything the game has ever witnessed before. It's guns up and lames down in the city that's been dubbed The Black Mecca of the South.

Money turns friends into enemies, and erases all semblance of loyalty.

Bullets leave mothers crying over sons who wanted more than fate had in store for them.

And even when there are winners, it all comes at a price.

Will the price be worth it in the end?