Dope Girl Magic: Queen Of The Trap


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With her good looks, work ethic, and high intelligence, TORI could easily succeed at a legitimate profession, but the streets are calling. Instead of being an accountant, she wants to be the Queen of the Trap, following in the footsteps of her notorious father, DIESEL, who has the drug game on smash.

But can a pretty girl like Tori earn the respect of ruthless killers? When Diesel refuses to acknowledge his daughter's lethal criminal mind, Tori decides to come for her father's throne.

It's blood against blood, savvy versus savagery.

Can DOPE GIRL MAGIC outwit a certified gangsta and his years of street knowledge? Or will Tori get crushed in a deadly game that's ruled by men with no conscious? Besides her mental superiority and her willingness to go all out to be victorious, Tori has one other asset.

KILO, the love of Tori's life is about that business, too

Can their union project them to the top? Or will they get snuffed out together?